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“Such extreme want as threatens life”

Sharing Phil Davis’s latest blog: he’s as passionate and clear as always about the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. And, as he says, it’s a good time to be asking questions of our political parties.

A darkened room

An upcoming election is a good time for a clear summary of what asylum destitution means, how it happens and why it is such a bad thing.

Destitution is sometimes used loosely to mean ‘very poor’. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, for example, say

Destitution means going without the bare essentials we all need. That’s a home, food, heating, lighting, clothing, shoes and basic toiletries. We define destitution as when people have lacked two or more of these essentials over the past month because they couldn’t afford them; or if their income is extremely low – less than £70 a week for a single adult.

That’s bad. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. It’s is shockingly not uncommon in Britain. It’s also not what I mean. When I’m using the word, I’m following Websters dictionary.

Such extreme want as threatens life unless relieved

I’m talking about a state thats about…

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