This must be what it was like when German Jews were refugees » Featured Image — 2508

A Syrian refugee from Deir Ezzor, holding his son and daughter, breaks out in tears of joy after arriving via a flimsy inflatable boat crammed with about 15 men, women and children on the shore of the island of Kos in Greece, Aug. 15, 2015. The crossing from Bodrum, Turkey to Kos is so easy that the human tide has overwhelmed the island, leading its mayor, George Kiritsis, to predict that if he does not get help from Athens, ?blood will be shed.? (Daniel Etter/The New York Times) *** !! ***keine Veroeffentlichung unter 35 Euro*** Bitte auf moegliche weitere Vermerke achten***Maximale Online-Nutzungsdauer: 12 Monate !! **

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